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For all that have taken the time to sign the guestbook... thanks! It's great to hear from you and to read your comments. For those of you that would like to add their own message simply click here to sign our guestbook.

  • USA Flag
  • Clarissa
    United States

I'm getting a new baby ferret and I'm so excited!!!

September 28, 2010
  • USA Flag
  • Amanda
    Texas, United States

I like the Ferret Facts page. I recomend them for all people... ferret lovers, owners, pet stores, even little kids who would love to learn about them. I like this site.

September 18, 2010
  • Australian Flag
  • Gordon [Granny]
    Victoria, Australia

Found it to be very interesting as I am looking at owning a ferret.

September 16, 2010
  • USA Flag
  • Lail Ann
    Oklahoma, United States

Love your site! Thanks for all the great info and stories!!!

September 12, 2010
  • USA Flag
  • Kimberly
    Montana, United States

My ferret of six + years is not doing well and we just love him so much.

September 11, 2010
  • Australian Flag
  • Chris
    Melbourne, Australia

Thanks, my ferret is 1-3 weeks off from having her baby's. The info was very helpful.

September 6, 2010
  • UK Flag
  • Steve
    Nottinghamshire, England

Great website. I now understand my two boys Dizzee and Rascal.

September 4, 2010
  • USA Flag
  • Miguel
    Texas, United States

This website has given me a greater knowledge on how to take care of my ferrets... I highly appreciate the facts you have contributed to ferret lovers like me.

September 2, 2010
  • USA Flag
  • Lexie
    Colorado, United States

I got a new baby ferret about two weeks ago! He is so sweet and I named him Whiskers!

P.S They love just a little bit of peanut butter.

August 25, 2010
  • USA Flag
  • Don
    Michigan, United States

I currently have 8 lowriders (6 charming ferrets and 2 equaly charming, but stubborn Dachshunds) and a visiting Australian Shepherd.

Freetime is a blast at my house.

I can't see myself without several babies in my house, my life! I need my daily ferret fix! I watch them while they sleep and talk to the one on guard duty. One ferret is always awake watching for their mom/dad. She/he gets a short nuzzle or tummy rub.

My life is much fuller because of my ferrets.

August 20, 2010
  • UK Flag
  • Noreen
    Surrey, England

Have a roughly two year old ferret who my husband and I fell in love with from a rescue centre. Can you add bluebell to your wonderful list of names.

August 18, 2010
  • UK Flag
  • Elaine

Hi all, I have a Jill 1 yr old, she is the best. I have never loved anything so much. She is so friendly and cuddley. she makes me smile every time I have cuddles. I was looking for another ferret Tina and mine is sandy coloured. Oh mine is a vegi, she hates meat. I wish ferrets were more popular in the UK, everyone should have one

August 9, 2010
  • USA Flag
  • Jamie
    Pennsylvania, United States

My finance and I recently adopted 2 Marshalls ferrets. Kodo and Little Bear. they are truly natures clowns. They are the best pets I've ever owned. Everyone should get a ferret. We don't have any children... but now we have 2 ferrets...

August 6, 2010
  • USA Flag
  • Sasha
    South Carolina, United States

Hey, my name is Sasha, and I really want a Ferret. But my parents said maybe and they are talking about it right now. WAIT! They came out and said YES! WHOOHOO!

Love, Future Ferret Owner

July 29, 2010
  • USA Flag
  • Jessica
    Colorado, United States

I just bought my first ferret, my kids named him Mater. Hes pretty cool, but I'm still needing to learn a lot more about them before I will be comfortable!!!!!

July 24, 2010
  • USA Flag
  • Walter
    Florida, United States

I have four adorable ferrets and they are my "babies"!

July 24, 2010
  • USA Flag
  • Jessica
    Colorado, United States

Hey. I am presently deciding on whether or not to get a ferret for myself. Whether I do or do not, this website was very fun and interesting to read through. I hope others are lucky enough to pass through as I did. Happy Ferret Loving!!

July 16, 2010
  • USA Flag
  • Abbi
    Wisconsin, United States

I want a ferret and this site helped me a lot.

July 16, 2010
  • UK Flag
  • Simon

Hi my name is Simon and I have 8 ferrets.

July 4, 2010
  • UK Flag
  • Tricia

Hi there, anyone from the uk visiting this lovely website? I have 11 ferrets( a few too many!) including three kits, 2 for sale later. They are a beautiful sandy beige, does anyone have any this colour?

Best furry wishes to everyone. Tricia

July 3, 2010