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Misc Ferret Articles

How is a Ferret Like a Potato Chip?

Tips on how to manage multiple ferret homes.

Where to Get a Ferret

So you’ve decided to get a ferret but where will you get it from?

A Pet Stroller Danger

Foam rubber can be very appealing, but very dangerous to ferrets. A reader shares her tragic incident regarding a stroller designed for pets.

Why is Chocolate Poisonous to Ferrets?

Learn the reason you need keep chocolate away from your fuzzies.

Traveling With Your Ferret

Planning to take your ferrets “On the Road”? This article discusses some things you will need to consider before the big trip.

To Cut or Not to Cut?

A thought provoking article concerning a topic that most ferret owners will unfortunately have to face at some time in their ferrets lives.

Ferret Photo-Sensitivity Study Update

Learn what’s new as this interesting study continues.

'Tis the Season

Tips on ferret-proofing and keeping your ferrets safe during the holidays.

The Results of a Four Year Study on Light Sensitivity in Ferrets

Learn how the amount of light your ferrets are exposed to may mask certain medical illness symptoms.

Pet Products May Not Be as Safe as You Think They Are

Learn what to look for and how to evaluate whether that “ferret” product is really safe for your ferret.

Summer Heat Reminder

While ferrets can handle cool weather they can’t take the heat! Learn what to do when the temperature goes above 80 degrees.

Shedding… A Hairy Situation

Some shedding is normal for ferrets, but a poor coat or a balding ferret may indicate a serious problem. Learn what to look for and what to do.

Rainbow Bridge

A story about what happens to pets after they leave this earth.

Outdoor Dangers

Important things to keep in mind when taking your fuzzies outside.

New Ideas in Feeding Ferrets

Tips on how to be sure that you ferrets nutritional needs are met. Also covered is what you can do if your ferret becomes overweight.

It's Showtime

Planning on participating in a ferret show? This article will help ensure you and your fuzzy friends will have a enjoyable time at the event.

Inherited Behavior Traits of the Domesticated Ferret

Explore the origins of common ferret behaviors.

How to Trace a Lost Ferret

Don’t be caught off-guard should your ferret decide to leave the safety of your home. Learn what steps to take to better your chances of finding your lost fuzzy.

Household Dangers

Learn about further possible dangers that may be lurking in your home.

Hiccups and Odor Control in Domestic Ferrets

What to do if your ferrets get hiccups and some thoughts on the scent of the domestic ferret.

History of the Ferret

Discover the long history of domestic ferrets and the different roles they have played in the past and present.

Heartworm Season is Back

Find out the dangers of heartworms in ferrets and how easy it is to prevent them.

Health Alert!

The symptoms include intermittent diarrhea and dehydration. Severe weight loss and a high fever often add to the fun. Learn what to do should your ferret become ill.

Ferrets and Lyme Disease

Like humans, ferrets can get Lyme disease. Learn what was done to save one ferret’s life.

Ferret Nutrition

Discover how to select the best food for your ferret.

An Owners Guide to Ferret Health Care

Important information regarding your ferret’s health.

An Owners Guide to Ferret Grooming

Tips to keep your ferrets looking and feeling their best.

Surprise… Ferrets as Gifts

Thinking about giving a ferret as a gift? Here are some points to consider.

Ferret Aleutian Disease on the Rise Again

Learn the facts about a disease from the past that has been making a comeback.

ECE Virus Identified

While a cure has for ECE has not been found, this vital first step gives ferret owners hope for a possible cure.

Ear Mites

Find out what just be might be bugging your ferret and what to do about it.

Dealing With Ferret Death

Reflections upon the inevitable.

Creating a Safety Net

Sometimes things don’t go as expected. It’s always best to have a plan for “just in case”.

Considerations in Emergency Ferret Medicine

Learn what to do in the event of a ferret emergency.

Caring for Baby Ferrets

Just got a new ferret? This in depth article covers a number of issues regarding the care of baby ferrets.

By-Products, What are They?

Ever wonder what your ferrets are feasting on. If you look on the package it will almost surely say meat “by-products”. But what are “by-products” and good for my pet? After reading this article by Dr. Thomas Willard, founder and president of Performance Foods, Inc., you’ll have a better understanding what goes into pet foods. Bon Appetite.

Avoiding the Panic

Learn the facts regarding regarding Aleutian disease.

An Owners Guide to Ferret Behavior

This article sheds some light on why ferrets do what they do.

An Introduction to Ferrets

Just some of the basics every ferret owner needs to know.

A Danger in the Home

Learn ways to prevent the worst from happening to your ferrets.

An important Update and New Observations About the ECE Virus

New findings about ECE.